Our Philosophy of Education

“The educational philosophy of the California Sushi Academy crosses borders, race and gender to bring greater Japanese cultural understanding and appreciation through the culinary experience. In the past it has been solely the right of Japanese male’s to become sushi chefs. CSA has changed this, passing on its wealth of culinary knowledge to people of diverse backgrounds so that they may in turn share the beauty of Japanese cuisine and culture with others”

Toshi Sugiura, CEO and President

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The California Sushi Academy opened its doors in 1998 as the first vocational school specializing in the training and certification of sushi chefs. At the Academy, veteran sushi chefs teach small groups of students the intricate art of Japanese cuisine. Students of the Academy recieve highly forcused training in such areas as knife skill development, traditional Japanese cooking techniques, modern culinary influences, fish identification and preparation, basic and advanced sushi and sashimi preparation, and presentation. CSA’s comprehensive curriculum is designed to ready graduates for successful careers as sushi chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs.

Work with Confidence After Graduation

With the recent surge in popularity of Japanese and fusion cuisine, the demand for well-trained sushi chefs has increased enormously. Despite this fact, there is a severe shortage of qualified candidates within the marketplace due to inadequate training, restrictive immigration laws, and the sheer number of new sushi restaurants. Our curriculum is designed to prepare student to meet this demand, and the staff at the California Sushi Academy are dedicated to this process. With their extensive training, CSA graduates may enter the marketplace with confidence.

Internationally Recognized as the Best

As the first vocational training institution dedicated to the certification of professional sushi chefs, we have received international television, radio and print media recognition. CSA’s unique multi-cultural and gender-open philosophy of education and the unsurpassed level of training afforded its graduate chefs has placed CSA at the top of its class.

*California Sushi Academy is certified by State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.