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Commercial Appeal, 10/19/2005


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A First Person Account of Running a Small Business

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Class Cutups; Whether Sushi Chef Wannabes or Just Weekend Warriors, Students at a New Academy Learn the Delicate Art of Pressing, Rolling and Wielding a Mean Knife

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12/ 1998


The U.S. Popularity of Japanese Sake

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Interview: Sushi chef Tracy Griffith makes sushi American style

1/11/ 2005

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Food Network
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Sushi’s Ascent in America


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Japanese Food Wars in the U.S. (Japanese)

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(Toshi Sugiura featured)


Masterclass in Japanese Cooking

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(Toshi Sugiura contributed smoe of his popular recipes.)

The Connoisseur’s Guide to SUSHI

By Dave Lowry
(Reviewed by Toshi Sugiura)