“I signed up for the class, not knowing what will happen. It turned out to be quite a pleasant and useful experience. Toshi-san and the staff taught me how to make sushi, with patience, because I was not that good in the kitchen. After the 5-day training, Toshi-san, ever a nice and generous gentleman, allowed me to come to his restaurant, as an intern, to learn from his sushi-chefs. They answered all questions I had and, again, patiently watched how I prepared sushi and gracefully corrected what I did wrong. By working with them behind the sushi counter, not only I learned the sushi-making techniques, I also learned the care and attention to details to make high quality sushi. I whole-heartedly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make sushi, whether the persons have any cooking experience or not. Thank you Toshi-san and all the chefs for a fantastic experience.”

Luu Nguyen, February 2010

My experience in the Sushi Academy California was much more than I have expected! The 5-day-Intensive Course was very objective and at no time I felt that my questions were left open. Toshi was a great teacher and so were the other Sushi chefs. I felt very welcomed from all of them and after few days, part of the family. My working time at the restaurant made me improve very much as I could put all what I´ve learned right away in practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who hasn´t much time but has lots of interested in learning about Sushi and the Japanese Culture. 


 Wolfgang Krivanec, 2010


Wolfgang later founded a sushi school of his own in Vienna, Austria.



“It was a fantastic experience. I would recommend to anyone interested in sushi and Japanese cuisine. The entire staff was excellent and very helpful. I felt very welcome and supported during every phase of the education. Toshi is a true master and a fine gentleman. It was if I was emerged into the Japanese culture. It was great working with the 12-week intensive student. They were very helpful.

The sake paring and sushi dinner was one of the finest meals I have ever eaten. I have been a chef for over 26 years and I was so impressed with every part of the meal and service. The education and friendship will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Toshi and staff for a truly fantastic life changing experience.”

Kevin Dunn, May 2006
Kevin is a Vegan Culinary Instructor at the Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan, as well as veteran chefs with abundant working experience from many four-star restaurants through the United States.

“My experience at CSA was unforgettable. There is much to cover in the 5-day program (which flies by!) And Toshi tailored the week to meet each of our individual objectives. The exposure to specific foods and training of integral techniques, taught by a true master sets the CSA apart from all competition. Perhaps above all, the professional contacts and relationships built in such a short time allow the true value of the experience to last far longer than the 5-days of the course. Keep us the great work!

The sake training was the ultimate value. Satomi is an articulate, knowledgeable and friendly sake sommelier who really made the experience and the subject matter memorable. Perhaps the best endorsement I can give is – after the 2nd session, I decided to pursue my sake sommelier certification.”
Kristen Lorenz

“The 5-Day intensive sushi class was fantastic. The program completely exceeded my expectations. The staff was very professional and the facility was perfect. I will be able to immediately utilize the skills I learned into my current culinary business with confidence. I also highly recommend the very informative sake classes. It is a perfect compliment to the sushi series. Many thanks to the entire CSA staff!”
Tom McGinty

Kristen Lorenz & Tom McGinty, May 2006
Kristen and Tom are the chefs, food consultants, and founders of the Soigné Culinary Artistry in Chicago (www.soigne-chicago.com). Kristen is the 1st place winner of the 2nd World Kikisake-shi (Sake Sommelier) Competition’s Western Regional Competition held in September 2006. As one of the three US finalists, she participated in the Tokyo final as one of the world’s best and brightest sake sommelier. (http://www.fbo.co.jp/modules/t5/index.php?id=73)